A place to become the best version of yourself, create the life you design + make connections for life...



Intensive workshop journey of MINDSET (learning how to discover, release and heal from the trauma blocks in your life and create healthy habits). BUSINESS (creating and implementing your business strategy so you walk away with an established business). LIFE (create your dream life and connect with like-minded souls).

Cost of Retreat Pricing only


In addition to the group sessions, during the Retreat, you will be treated to 2 x 1:1 private 1 hour sessions (1 x Mindset & 1 x Business) to get extra personalised support and to work through any personal issues you wish to speak about in confidence. You will also receive an extra 5 x edited photos from the photoshoot session.  

Cost of Retreat Pricing + $500


The best of the best...this package includes the retreat, 2 x Private sessions during the retreat, 10 x edited photos & continues on after the retreat with 2 x Private Sessions to ensure you stay on track. PLUS you get 5 hours of virtual admin/design work included to help you finish off anything you didn't finish during the retreat.

Cost of Retreat Pricing + $1000



The Business/Life Coaching industry has had immense growth over the past few years and what was once a dream business (creating your own freedom) for a select few, is now an accessible and profitable business venture to anyone wanting to serve others. The problem being that too many people are paying a Coach (thousands of dollars) to learn how to become a Coach and whilst they gain the knowledge of what to do, they walk away with an overwhelming to do list. Life gets in the way and before you know it 1 month becomes 10 and you don’t grow.

This Retreat was created to be an immersive workshop / life changing experience where people not only learn the tools they need to create their dream life but actually set up / up-level their business during the retreat avoiding the need to outsource the work or attempt it alone. You walk away with a new outlook on life, multiple new skills under your belt, and a new/up-leveled business ready to go!

No need to hire a coach + VA + graphic designer + photographer to get your business off the ground then keep outsourcing until your overheads far exceed your income. This Retreat covers it all and gives you the skills to keep growing.

During this retreat you will:

  • Dive deep into yourself & face the internal scars that have held you back in life and work to heal them as well as embedding new healthier habits.

  • Create and actually implement/set-up the things you need to have a successful online business including website/sales funnel and lead generation (or if you have these already up-level them to make your systems more efficient/effective).

  • Create a 3 month marketing strategy and design templates for your social media promotion.

  • Have a professional photoshoot that ties into your branding.


Group MINDSET Sessions

Using a combination of behavioural therapy techniques you will learn how to/improve your ability to process trauma, regulate emotions, decrease emotional reactivity and increase your cognitive functions. 

Private STRATEGY Sessions

Using a combination of behavioural therapy techniques you will learn how to/improve your ability to process trauma, regulate emotions, decrease emotional reactivity and increase your cognitive functions. 

Group BUSINESS Sessions

Learning the business foundations these hands-on sessions will cover creating your strategy, branding, determine/selling to your target market, lead fostering, building your client base + creating passive income.

Professional PHOTOSHOOT

Pictures tell a thousands words. The images on your website and social media can completely transform your business. Mentally and Physically. People connect with your words but they also are attracted to visuals. Your photoshoot session (complete with professional make-up artist) will get you looking and feeling your best so that your happiness spreads. 

Physical Body Repair & RESET

​Covering different types of disciplines you will learn different techniques to maintain well-being physically in order to connect your mind, body and soul. Embedding healthy daily habits will help you to clear blockages, increase self-awareness, and achieve a peaceful body and mind. Release stress and anxiety whilst increasing self-confidence.

Nutrition & MEAL PLAN

You are what you eat. It's as simple as that. What you put into your system directly impacts your ability to function and perform at your best. Learn about what foods to avoid (and why) and what foods to incorporate (based on your genetics) that will reduce the risk of chronic disease leading to overall improved health and well-being. Includes a tailored meal plan.


Nestled in Tallai within Gold Coast’s hinterlands this private mansion boasts ample space to allow participants comfort as well as freedom to relax and unwind in their free time. 

Property includes massive suspended concrete swimming pool literally hanging out over the mountainside, outdoor spa with panoramic view of the Gold Coast Skyline, Full Size Championship floodlit tennis court, 12 person Finnish Cedar Sauna, full size imported Italian marble pool table as well as split system reverse cycle air conditioning.


Private KING with Ensuite

King Bed with Ensuite

All food, drinks and activities included.

$6000 (Only 2 available)

Provate QUEEN with Ensuite

Queen Bed with Ensuite

All food, drinks and activities included.

$5500 (Only 1 available)

Private QUEEN (no ensuite)

Queen Bed

All food, drinks and activities included.

$5000 (Only 1 available)


8 - 9am + 12 - 1pm + 7.30 - 8pm

— Meal Breaks

Buffet style.  A nutritious selection of Fruit, Cereals, gourmet sandwiches, and hot foods to promote brain function.  Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. 

9am - 1pm + 1- 3pm

— Group Sessions

Mindset and business focused.  Topics will change daily. 

3 - 4pm

— Implementation

Practically applying what we have covered.

5 - 7pm

— Private Sessions

Individual sessions to focus on you / your needs. 


This retreat is for anyone who wants to:

– Uncover and heal from any trauma or road blocks that have been preventing you from achieving your goals in the past. 

– Start (or rebrand) an online coaching business. You do not have to be IT savvy. Just have the will to learn and the dedication to do the work.

This retreat is not suitable for people who do not want to learn about how to create your own platforms, or at least understand them to be able to outsource the work. 

You must be interested in learning mindset AND business growth as the sessions are heavily weighted to both

– During the hands-on nature of the retreat you must own/have access to a laptop that you can bring to use.

– All systems and platforms that will be implemented during the retreat will be free.

– For anyone wanting to set up more advanced platforms you must have additional funds available to purchase necessary domains, hosting, upgrades etc during the retreat.

Anyone who is found to be in breach of any house rules (i.e. damaging property, disrespectful behaviour etc.) will be asked to leave and must vacate the premises.  


Your collective of knowledge & experience

Chelsea Sargeant

Founder of Life Office NOT Office Life and Mind 4 Growth (Coaching and Retreats), Chelsea focuses on creating cheaper, faster & smarter options for businesses, sole traders and entrepreneurs to create online income and leverage their time. Combining Business Strategy with Mindset, Chelsea helps people to improve their interpersonal effectiveness, stand out, make more money, and gain a following of both quality and quantity.

SESSIONS: Mindfulness and distress tolerance with DBT. Business Training. Photoshoot.

Amanda Gunn

Founder of The Change Experience, Amanda believes that everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves. With services in coaching and hypnotherapy (underpinned by neuro-linguistic programming [NLP] techniques), Amanda gives you the tools to release your magic so that you can be the leader of your own life. Get ready to turn up the frequency for a new supercharged you!

SESSIONS: Changing behaviours with NLP / Hypnotherapy.

Karina Barrett

Founder of Light Your Fire Coaching, Karina is a women’s empowerment coach located in Albany, Australia who specialises in self-love. It's her mission and greatest honor to support women who are in a personal or professional transition and are seeking guidance towards an authentic purpose driven life.

SESSIONS: Changing emotional responses with EFT / Tapping / Breathing Techniques.